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"Every young man, ages 8-18, deserves a quality scouting program"

We are committed to providing information and resources that Bishoprics and Young Men leaders may use for running effective Aaronic Priesthood Scouting Programs.  We believe that effective Scouting programs can have a tremendous impact on the lives of our young men. We are especially conscious of the need to strengthen the programs for our older young men.

President Gordon B. Hinckley has stated:
"I love the Scouting movement. If every boy in America knew and observed the Scout Oath, we would do away with most of the jails and prisons in this country. This program builds boys, builds their futures, leads them on the right path so they can make something of their lives.  Every man or woman who helps a boy along the road of life not only does a great thing for him but does a great thing for society as a whole."



NEW help for Venturing Leaders:
See new guidebook: "Venturing Guide for LDS Leaders, the Next Step: Moving Your Priests Quorum Venturing Program from Good to Great"


Making Venturing and Varsity work!!! We have added important new materials to assist youth leaders to successfully start or enhance use of the Venturing and Varsity programs in LDS Priests and Teachers Quorums. 

       Venturing click here.
             See new suggestions for organizing a Venturing Crew from existing Priests quorum
             officers, including job descriptions
       Varsity click here.

Read discussions of:
/ Using the Award and Achievement Programs to Strengthen Young Men
Implementating the Recognition Programs for Aaronic Priesthood Young Men

         --Achievement Programs for LDS Priests/Venturers
/ What's a Great Ward Young Mens Program??? Check out this checklist
/ Strengthening Aaronic Priesthood programs through a Quorum and Boy focus
/ Duty to God and the Older Boy Scouting Programs
/ Sizing Scouting Programs to Fit the Number of Available Young Men

We would like your help--with 2 new projects
1. Program Calendaring

From feedback we receive from LDS leaders of YM programs all over the the U.S.and farther, we sense that one of the major difficulties that these leaders have in providing effective Scouting programs for our young men is in knowing how to plan and implement good calendars.  We are preparing a section on effective calendaring and planning methodologies in LDS scouting programs.  We have been including materials on these methods and techniques forwarded to us by leaders across the country (see the 11 year old scouting pages, for example) and from our own experiences, but now solicit additional input. We are especially interested in successful processes for Varsity Scouting and Venturing, both in Utah and areas distant from the church center.

2. History of Scouting and the LDS Church
We are planning a section in our website that features a bibliography and writings (documents, talks, articles, theses, etc.) that explore the Church's history with Scouting.   We welcome information about such references.


Priests Leadership Conference (PLC), which is described in more detail on the Training Quorum/Crew Leaders page of our Venturing section, was featured as the cover story in the May 2003 issue of the Church's New Era magazine.  The story is entitled, "Me a Leader?"

Read ANSWERS to many of the common questions we receive about Scouting in the Church

How did one Priests Quorum do it?  View online LDS Venturing training presented by and Venturing Crew 9791, "12 Steps for Getting Venturing Going in an LDS Priests Quorum."



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