Venturing Guide
Venturing Advisor

The following table outlines the role of the Priests Quorum Advisor/Venturing Advisor, including references to where you should be able to find more information.

APH = Aaronic Priesthood Handbook -- Church Distribution Center Publication
APVS = Aaronic Priesthood Venturing Guide-- Taylorsville Utah Central Stake Publication
VLH = Venturing Leadership Handbook -- Boy Scouts of America Publication

Learn and understand the Mission of the Aaronic Priesthood.

APH p. 6

Incorporate the Young Men's Theme into Every Priest's Quorum meeting.

see APV guide

Familiarize yourself with the goals for Priest age young men within the Venturer program of the Boy Scouts of America.

see APV guide

Become familiar with the six activity experience areas of Venturing and what each is designed to achieve in providing a balanced activity program for Priest age young men.

see APV guide

Learn to join together the six objectives within the Mission Statement of the Aaronic Priesthood with the six activity experience areas of Venturing to provide a well rounded activity program for the Priest age young men. Incorporate a priesthood purpose into each activity.

see APV guide

Come to view the Priest Quorum / Venturer Crew as one and the same entity. Incorporate the same leadership into each part of the entity, just as both of your physical arms receive their blood supply from the same heart.

see APV guide

Develop leadership in your young men.  Teach them that this is their quorum/crew and help them grow into providing the actual leadership for their own quorum/crew and all of its activities. You are to be their Advisor providing helpful shadow leadership. The more the youth leaders take responsibility for their own program, the better you are fulfilling your role as an Advisor.

see APV guide

Be consistent in the example you give to the young men you advise.  Show them the same spiritual character qualities during weekly activities that you exemplify in teaching priesthood lessons on Sundays.  Let them see your testimony of, and commitment to, gospel principles whenever they are with you.  Be their mentor and friend, and help them to set goals, plan, make decisions, lead, grow, and enjoy life, in a moral and safe environment.

3 Nephi 27:27,
John 21:15-17

Work cooperatively with your priesthood leadership team (bishopric) and your adult Venturer leadership team (crew committee, associate advisors, parents, and consultants) to promote the needs of the youth in the quorum/crew. Work with the bishopric to engage the fathers of the young men in the activities, and in activity planning along with their sons.  Use the fathers as committee members and as program consultants.  Respect the role of fathers and mothers. Keep them informed.  Seek their advice, help, and full participation with your efforts to help their son grow and progress.

D&C 38:27

Learn how PCI (Program Capability Inventory) forms can be used to help identify adults who are willing to provide help to the quorum/crew in their activities.

see APV guide

Learn how to conduct a Crew Officers Seminar to turn leadership of Crew activities over to the young men leadership.

VLH p. A-24

Teach the young men to use the process of "reflection" to strengthen their ability to evaluate activities held and to help them improve on the next activity.

APV guide,
VLH p. A-10

Help each young man magnify his priesthood by allowing him to regularly report his activity in home teaching to the Quorum Secretary.

See APV guide appendices

Help your young men to show respect to their Heavenly Father and to their Savior and Mediator, Jesus Christ. One good way to do this is to have them kneel or stand during prayers.  For example, stand and repeat the Young Mens Theme, then immediately kneel for the opening prayer.  After a lesson, have all stand for the closing prayer.

Heleman 5:12, 
D&C 88:63

Utilize all of the training resources you can to catch a vision of what "Aaronic Priesthood Venturing" means, and to help you implement it to the benefit and growth of the young men you have been called to advise.


Read the Aaronic Priesthood Venturing Guide provided by the Taylorsville Central Stake Young Men's Presidency.



Read the Aaronic Priesthood Leadership Handbook published by the Church.



Read the Venturer Leader Handbook published by the Boy Scouts of America.



Attend monthly Venturer Advisor Exchanges (Round Table meetings) for our District (Dist. 15 / Old English Fort District) held on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Taylorsville High School Seminary Building.



Attend Venturer Basic Training for adult leaders provided by the Boy Scouts of America.



Encourage the young men to attend a four day Priest Leadership Conference (PLC) to learn the 11 leadership skills taught there. In addition they will also learn the ideals of setting up and leading an Venturer Crew program.



Attend a similar program to the Priest Leadership Conference that is designed to give adults a taste of what the youth receive at a PLC course.



Attend each quarterly Stake adult priesthood leadership meeting, and any other special adult leadership training that is made available through the Stake.



Pray for Heavenly Father to bless and help your young men, and seek for the inspiration of the spirit to guide both you, and them,  in everything that you do with them.


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