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Here are a number of resources and ideas for starting or improving a Venturing program as the activity arm of an LDS Priests Quorum. 
Good Venturing!!!

2 Guidebooks for LDS Leaders:

Venturing Guide for LDS Leaders.  An introduction to the Venturing program written specifically for start-up Venturing Crews in LDS settings by Brad Harris, including some revisions by Robert Lewis. Brother Harris helped write the current Venturing Leader Manual as a staff member in the BSA national office and is currently a BYU faculty member for Scouting Education and a member of the Young Mens General Board.  (September 2006 revision - PDF)
Venturing Guide for LDS Leaders, the Next Step: Moving Your Priests Quorum Venturing Program from Good to Great. Follow-up ideas for LDS Crews ready to take the next step for greater excitement and youth development. (August 2009-PDF)

Model Crew Guidelines.  This is part of an initiative from a scouting district in the Spanish Fork and Salem, Utah, area, to strengthen its Venturing Crew programs.  It contains significant helps that might be useful to other LDS stakes and wards, as they try to use Venturing effectively to bless the lives of their Priest age young men. For a descrition of the full initiative Click here.


12 Steps for getting a Venturing Crew going in an LDS Priests Quorum.
Venturing Crew 9791 presents:  12 STEPS FOR GETTING A VENTURING PROGRAM GOING in an LDS Priests Quorum.
A fast-start overview and checklist for how to get a full Crew started.

Forming a Venturing Crew from a Priests Quorum Organization.  Straight-forward suggestions on creating the Crew organization out of an existing quorum organization. Also, job descriptions for the Priests Quorum Assistants/Crew Presidiency.


Award and Recognition Programs for LDS Priests. Adaptation and effective use of Duty to God, Eagle, and Venturing awards

Venturer Teen Leaders Council (TLC)--
Venturing's unique leadership opportunity provides another way to energize the program


Its registered as a Venturing Crew and it has activities every week, but...
How can I tell its really Venturing, rather than
     an adult run activity program?
     an appendage to the Scout troop?
     a "Duty to God" activity program?
     the Spalding Theory of Youth Leadership?


Which kind of Crew are you, Alpha List or Awards?  Two approaches to Venturing Programming. Some ideas about different approaches to Venturing program calendaring.

Tools for running a Venturing Crew in a Priests Quorum.  Interest survey forms, conducting sheets, and other practical helps.

How Can I Know When I Have a Good Program?.  Some self-assessment ideas.

Varsity Scouting and Venturing--
Programs of Greatest Opportunity

Aaronic Priesthood Venturing GuideThis is a manual developed in the late 1990s by the Taylorsville Utah Central Stake to define its Priests Quorum activity program.

Training Quorum/Crew Leaders on How to Operate a Good Venturer Program in their Priests Quorum